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Coding AN inputs


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I've setup my AN 2 input as oil temp, external pull-up etc, and have labeled it as such. But I can't find where to code this so the ecu displays it as oil temp, particularly under runtime values and also as an output for a digital dash. 

I can view the data under analog channel but want the ecu to actually code the input as oil temp. The drop-down menu only allows me to code it as a GP Temp.



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Seems like in the G4+ range you can only assign an An Temp input as the specific function Engine Oil Temp.

You may need to look at re-wiring some stuff if this is important to you :(


It looks like this limitation has been lifted in the G4X/G5.

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The GP Temp runtime will still do anything you want in the ecu.  The native oil temp runtime is only available on AN Temp inputs.  To send the GP Temp via CAN to a display you can load the configurable generic dash user stream and swap oil temp with the GP temp.  Attach a copy of your tune if you need help to do that.  

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Ok, thanks for clearing that up.

I just tried with the configurable generic dash stream but it also seemed to make all the other outputs go crazy so its a bit out of my league to alter that. I assume its because the dash wants to see various signals on particular streams and frames


I have attached the tune file and if you could assist with having it output the GP temp as oil temp that would be hugely appreciated.

mike gordon downloaded tune.pclr

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