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AFR VS MAP Pressure limit RPM?


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I dont think either of these options would work particularly well without a lot of other conditions included in the stratagies...

  1. An oxygen sensor will indicate full lean any time that an engine is on a limit (regardless whether it's fuel or ignition cut) or any other misfire condition.  So any time you hit any RPM limit, two step, launch control, anti-lag, gear cut, etc, your AFR/RPM limiter would be activated and would never deactivate because it will be in an infinite loop situation.  
  2. The fuel pressure based limiter stratagy may work better but still would need a lot of work to get it to work without too many false alarms.  The G4 has a 'differential fuel pressure' parameter that you could use (fuel pressure-MGP) for one axis of the limit table, however you would need quite a large tolerance between 'normal fuel pressure' and 'low fuel pressure' to prevent false alarm/limits due to things like FPR lag during transients and altitude/atmospheric press variation.

In my opinion you are better to fix your fuel supply issues, use quality components that you can trust and get the ECU mapped properly rather than mess around with safety stratagies which are really just an 'ambulance at the bottom of the cliff'.

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