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Digital inputs query / transferring base maps


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Just wiring in a G4+ Xtreme into a Toyota 3SGE Beams engine.

It's a slightly different version to the Altezza engine, it's from an MR2.
So it doesnt have electronic throttle body and there are a few other minor differences.

Most of the differences though, can be dealt with by just turning off features that are in the Altezza basemap that's provided.

The Altezza engine basemap that comes with PClink though is for the plugin version, is this basemap usable for the wire in version too?

My inputs/outputs are in a different order, and obviously I dont have the onboard map sensor so the fuel and ignition tables will need revising to suit a 1 bar map sensor that I'm planning to use.

But it seems like I could save some time by having the cold idle, rev limits, sensor types etc etc copied from the Altezza basemap. 

So I'm wondering if there's an easy way to acheive this, or whether it's just best to manually input the data into all of the tables. Not much of a drama just seems a little tedious if I could make use of the other setup instead.

Apologies if there's an obvious answer, I havent finished the wiring yet so have only used PClink while it's not connected.

Also, I'm about 80% through wiring up the sensors for the engine loom and I've got a few left over inputs/outputs on the first plug, and I havent used any of the inputs on the second. 

Which is perfect as the reason for getting the Xtreme is that I wanted these extra for datalogging purposes, switches and so on which I will be implementing later once the basics are sorted.

My question though, is what is the scope of what the digital inputs can acheive?

As before my imagination runs too wild I'm trying to get an idea of exactly what I can do with them.

Do they essentially record on/off or inputs from a 5v square wave or similar? Do they all need to be 5v input?

Digitial input seems like a potentially broad term so I just want to make sure I understand their capability before starting on any side projects to implement them.  



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Hi David


You could take the plugin map and load it into the Xtreme, then reconfigure the I/O to suit how you have wired.

For the Digital inputs they are geared for a 0-5 volt signal. Di 1-4 main limitation is they will only work up to 500Hz.

You can monitor the frequency or the state ON/OFF.


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Thanks for the reply Simon, that makes sense.

I've had a strange issue though, where when I select some inputs/outputs whatever, it doesnt show up menus that it should.

For example, if I select 'Tacho' it will just show the two boxes 'Tacho' and 'Label'.

When it should show sweep, multiplier, etc etc.

It does this on all of the basemaps included, that I've tested.

Any ideas on this one? I get the feeling I've hit a wrong button or something.

I've uninstalled and reinstalled with latest version for G4+ but it still does the same thing.

I've got an older version of the PClink software on my desktop PC which shows these full menus fine.

Anyone come across this before?

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I definitely dont, plus this happens on any basemap that I load. Not just one I run on the engine.

Are you able to show me what it should look like?

I've uninstalled and reinstalled, definitely using latest version but same problem each time.

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Okay I've just done a fresh install of the latest version on a different PC.

Same problem, just shows tacho and label.

This is when opening any of the basemaps, it's not specific to my PC or my tune.

Both PCs running Windows 7 and both show tacho options fine with previous build.

Unless I'm missing something obvious!

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Hi David,

I've just looked into this. There is indeed a bug. Until our next firmware release this is a work around solution for you.

1. Turn your Aux Output channel that you are using for tacho to OFF.

2. Go to a spare Aux Inj or Aux ign channel and set this to Tacho.

3. The Tacho settings will now appear at the bottom of the 'Auxiliary Output' branch of the ECU settings menu.

4. Adjust the Tacho settings as required.

5. Turn the Aux inj or Aux ign channel you used back to OFF.

6. Set your Aux Output channel from OFF back to Tacho.

Thanks for making us aware of the problem. We will get onto fixing this and will get the release out as soon as we have given it some good testing.


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hey Scott,

That works once - as in, if I plug in the ECU, swap tacho output (then menu pops up) then change back to Aux output 4, the tacho works and with the amended settings.

But then if the ECU shuts off and turns back on, the tacho doesnt work at all. Unless I go back into the menu and unassign it as tacho and reassign it.

(And yes I did make sure to store to ECU etc)

It's not a drama, no big deal!

But just to let you know in case that helps with bug hunting or whatever.


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  • 1 year later...

Did the fix make it into a public release? I have some weird stuff going on with the altezza base map (ecu offline) it could be just me being new to the software, but it's very similar to the issues David was having.

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Hi, yes, no problems with this on the current release (that I'm aware of). What is happening for you?


I will see if I can document my steps then will send it through to the support email, rather then spamming this thread :)

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