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Idle Ignition Target

Andy Drummond

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Hi Andy,

In PCLink version 4.9.1, under ECU Settings, you will find 'Idle Ignition Control'. With this set to On, you will then have access to the 'Idle Igntion Table' Where you can set the ignition timing at Whichever RPM you set the x axis up with. There is no 'Idle Target RPM' as such as you can adjust all the RPM range.


For more on Idle Ignition control see PCLink Help > G4 ECU Tuning Functions > Ignition > Idle Ignition Table



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Sorry for digging up an old thread but directly relevant. I have a G4 Storm, latest firmware and PCLink. I have no idle control valve (although do have a coolant operated fast idle valve, which may add complications - like needing to have target idle differ by ECT).

The help page you suggest above discusses an idle error table +/- 0, with the x-axis being the idle target error, referring to error under/over 'Idle Target RPM'. I assume Idle Target RPM in this case is set in closed loop idle mode?

However the table above has Idle RPM numbers on the x-axis (rather than error). Are you saying above that in open loop mode, you use the table to set an idle map with your target idle / advance in the middle (rather than 0).

Actually a more general question - how do you turn the Idle Speed Control off. As I said, I don't have an idle control valve - do I need to disable it, or is it unnecessary as there are no outputs associated with an idle valve, so nothing happens?

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It would be more common to set the idle ignition table up to have an axis as Idle target error spanned between -500 and +500

The other axis could then be set as ECT for your case.

The target is then take from the closed loop idle control setting.

With no output assigned you don't need to worry about any of the other idle settings or turn it off.

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Perfect - thanks.

I assume its sensible to turn it off when first getting it running and to a happy warm idle anyway, but I am trying to get it all straight in my head first.

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