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IG3 feature or fault?

Matt Dunn

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I have a toyota 6 cylinder 1GGZE running on a LEM v5.

It had the 1GGZE sub board in it and appears it will work fine when testing,


but what I am finding is that when the power is first applied to the ECU that  driver IG3 is held on,

meaning that there is coil current flowing all the time, which will heat up the coil and igniter.

As soon as the trigger inputs are recieved it switches back to normal pulsing the coil at what apperas to be the right rate,

and will function fine until the next power off/ on cycle.

I have not had the engine running yet as still deciding on if we will run it wasted spark or single coil with dist.

It is something in the way it is setup? or is it just one of those random things to put up with?

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I was meaning on the main board. On late boards there was the option to configure the Ign3 and Aux out using them.

On early boards it was done with a wire link and resistor.

If it is not configured correctly Ignition 3 could be trying to work as an RPM and ignition out at the same time.

So its not a trigger / sub-board issue its a configuration of the main board.

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Ok yes it does have extra dip switches on the mainboard,


What do they do and what should I set them to?


Also seem to be having a trigger problem with it in the car, and have tried another ECU with a SUB24New sub board,

What is the difference in signal expected between the 1GGZE sub board and the Sub24New,

as I believe both the types of distrubitor, 1GGZE and the 1GGE have the same signals,

one 24 Tooth wheel with a sensor and one one tooth wheel with a sensor each side, to give 3 signals,

so would be 24 +1+1on both?

The SUB24New one I borrowed makes it almost run, but when it stalls, we get continous spark from the coil until the fuel pump relay clicks out?  I think this may have been a common problem with trigger wiring but I dont remember the cause?





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Same trigger pattern but one is for a 6 cylinder, the sub24new is for four cylinder applications.

If 3-channel ignition is being used (6-cylinder wasted-spark or 2-rotor
engines) then these DIP switches MUST be set as:
1 = OFF
2 = ON
3 = ON
4 = OFF

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