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Boost Ethanol % Wastegate / Target Trim table

Levon Luther

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Hi Simon and the rest of the link team -

With the amount of people adding in E85 these days, do the PnP Link boards have the hardware capabilities to have another Trim for target boost / WGDC? It would be cool to have the table so if you have an ethanol sensor hardwired in, it can adjust boost for bad E85 on the fly. ( Say in winter you get E70, it knocks out 3psi boost or something along those lines )

I'm getting prepped for my E85 tune and just was thinking of what would be better than carrying around an E85 tester.



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You can do something similar using 'multiple boost tables' and switch them using virtual aux's.

There's a few different ways that you could do it but you could have say 'Boost table 1' set up with your full E85% boost levels.  Then you would set up a virtual aux to that turns on when say ethanol content is between 72%-80% - use this to switch over to 'boost table 2' which would be a medium boost table.  Set up another virtual aux for say <= 72% ethanol and use that to switch on 'boost table 3' - which is your low boost settings.

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The problem with doing it the way that AdamW Mentioned is the limited tables for the PnP Link box. I only have 12 tables and they get chewed up quick. See attached for what I have; and I dont feel like anything can go.

The way you said simon would be a good one, at first thought I didn't like it until I looked at my current boost table (also attached) so the throttle position really isn't doing much right now. I'd be better off having it be oil temp for target boost or something so that I dont boost when oil is still chilly.

I wish I had enough tables to add a 4D fuel / Ignition map so that I could have full flex fuel capabilities without having the computer with me.

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Hey Leyvon.


You can do something like this and it would not require any more tables.  Your boost target will automatically change based on ethanol content and all you need is one WGDC table that spans all intended boost levels.

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