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How do I wire Multi-Point group injection?


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I have a G4 Storm to control a Chevrolet small block. Im using all 4 injectorchannels to fire my 8 injectors.


Which driver (1234)  to which injector(12345678) ? 

Stock it´s just 2 banks left and right. Do i have any benifits running 4 channels?

I have read in the help that odd driver numbers should be wired in one bank and even in another but on which side of the engine?

Animated firing order SCB 

Attaching my .pcl im running for now



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Good morning,

When using multi-group fuel mode the fuel is injected either once or twice per engine cycle (720 degrees for your engine) depending on what you have 'Injection rate' set to.

Because of this we recommend wiring the cylinders in groups of odds and even. As you have a storm this is how I would wire the injectors.

Injection drives 1 and 3 to cylinders 1,3,5,7.

Injection drives 2 and 4 to cylinders 2,4,6,8.



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To tag on I'm doing the same but with 4 cylinders.

Way I figured 1-4 running 1-4. But no?

So I should have 1 going to 1 and 3 and 2 going to 2 and 4? With 3 and 4 driving nothing.

I only get 1 and 3 injecting the way I have it now, does that sound right?

Why can't we just have batch where we wire 1 injector per drive? Fire 2 injectors at once. That way when we get trig 2 going we can run sequential?

Can I alter the firing seqence or something to change it to accommodate how I'valready wired it?

Im running waste spark also.

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On a 4 cylinder you can chose to have 1, 3 on drive 1 . 2,4 on drive two or have 1-1 2-2 3-3 4-4

If you pair them it does give you two drives free to use a aux outputs. But be sure to set the active drives as 1-2

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