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4AGE 16V Trigger Wiring


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Just purchased a new G4+ Atom to replace the early G1 LEM I was using. Engine is a 16v small port (red top) 4AGE. Most of the wiring up to this stage has been straight forward, but I am stuck with the trigger wiring. Distributor seems to be a 4/1 tooth wheel (4 on the lower, one on the top) setup, which I cant seem find a pin out for on the internet so not sure where I should connect trigger 1 and 2 to? Anyone here have any experience with this? Using direct ignition setup (1NZFE coilpacks).



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Hi Dillon,

Trigger 1 needs to be wired to the sensor that reads 4 teeth. Trigger 2 needs to be wired to the sensor that reads the single tooth.

Use Multitooth trigger mdoe and set trigger one to 4 teeth. Set trigger 2 sync mode to Cam Pulse 1x.

Here is a link that may help you identify which wire is which on your distributor:



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Thanks for that Scott! Much appreciated. I did see that link earlier in my searches but couldnt find the exact answer I was looking for.

For future reference this is the distributor:




Four wire plug, green, red, white and yellow coloured wires. So the red wire goes down to the 4 tooth wheel, which will be trigger 1. Green to the single tooth wheel at the top, trigger 2. White wire splits in to 3 and goes to each sensor (they look yellow inside the distributor), so I assume this is the sensor ground? and Yellow is unused?

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