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Changes to CAN-bus config


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The CAN-bus configuration is changed from the non Plus boxes. Some parameteres are removed such as Data Direcion and Transit Format. I'm trying to setup this up with my AIM MXL dash and I'm following the AIM instructions for the G4 box with CAN but for some reason it doesn't work. Need to make sure the settings in the G4+ is identical to the G4 setup.

Format is now either Standard or Extended. In the old verision it was "Transit Format" with options: Sequential, Compound or CRC32. How do these options relate?

The Channel Data is removed now so I cannot check the channels in the selected config?

Is the old "Generic Dash.lcc" identical to the new mode "Transmit Generic Dash"?

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Good afternoon,

You are correct, the CAN Setup window has changed from the G4 ECUs to the G4+ ECUs.

The PCLink help has a CAN section which explains the function of each item in the new CAN Setup window. This can be found under PCLink Help > G4+ ECU Tuning Functions > CAN > User CAN Setup

Attached to this post is a screenshot showing how you will want to setup the CAN window to work with the Aim dash. Let me know if you have any issues with this working.



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Thanks. That is how I set it up but I don't get it to work with the AIM dash.

Can I expect a waveform on the oscilloscope on any of the CAN signal leads from the ECU if something is wrong with the dash? E.g can I disconnect the CAN cable and only connect the scope to the cable and still see a clear waveform?


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