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All the outputs i wired up now go as soon as the engine is turned off. If the ecu is powered with the ignition on then it stops. If i try to test the output with the ecu then it works as well so something wierd has happened or i have changed an option in the menu as the first time i did the setup it didnt used to do this (As in all the outputs were behaving untill i powered up and test them and now something has changed).

Is there a setting in the ecu that earths out outputs when the ecu is not powered ?

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Also found another issue. When i did the wiring i followed the vipec wiring diagram they issued for the 2jzgte vvti.

My question is for the ethrottle setup. According to the diagram it should be

Aux 8 - E Throttle Motor Clutch -ve

Aux 9 - E Throttle Motor -ve

Aux 10 - E Throttle Motor +ve

However in the link i cant choose -ve for Aux 9, only +ve and same for Aux 10, only -ve not +ve.

Should i swap these wires around ? And what do i choose as the output for Aux8 in the ecu ? Relay with -ve (low side drive ?)


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Yes the power supply wiring will ned to be exactly as per the instructions other wise you can end up with back feeding issues.

For the EThrottle wiring Im assuming you have a Red Xtreme? If so you need to follow the instruction on wiring the external Ethrottle module.

The Silver Xtreme was the only unit with on board ethrottle control.

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photo E-throttlesetup.jpg

That is really strange that you can not see the other settings. the image above is how it should look. If you can not get the menu choices above, try storing to your base-map (F4), then turn the key OFF and then back ON. If you still can not see the menu choices correctly please email your base-map to [email protected]

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