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knock link knock light

michael parkes

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hay i recently brought a knock link knock light and iv wired it up to a toyota 3sgte knock sensor, iv used shielded wiring most of the way like the factory wiring and kept the wire away from coils ect. and iv ran the signal ground wire to earth as the 3sgte sensor is only a one wire one. when i switch the ignition on the light flashes blue a couple of times then goes green for a few seconds then goes out for a few secconds then flashes red very fast and keeps doing this cycle. what do i need to do to make it work properly?

thanks very much


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Hi Michael,

                  I am not sure if the Knock Link can function correctly with a single wire knock sensor.

The use of a Bosch Do-nut style knock sensor is the recommended sensor for this unit.

Connecting the sensor ground to earth may create issues also, earth looping, however i do not know the circuitry of this unit so earth looping may not cause any issue.



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hay i tried buying a proper link (bosch) knock sensor and put that on and it did the same thing and i also tried connecting the unit directly to a battery and it did the same thing. any ideas on testing the unit to see if its faulty or anything else i could try to get it to work correctly?



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