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wiring G3 triggers

simon cox

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Hi I have taken over this from someone else and need some help; Ford winsor V8 (distributor/ single coil) fitted to an ED falcon, It has been fitted with TS magna pick-ups in the ford distributor from 4 cylender. The pick ups have a 12 vot feed and an earth, and the trigger's 1 and 2 are wired to cam nad crank respectivly. The G3 is linked to a laptop,and when cranking i cannot see any rpm or trigger activity (triggers working or errors) In the installation manual it states that the trigger terminals on the wiring loom has shieled double wires to the trigger pins, but i don't seam to have these? Please could you confire how to wire the triggers up and help with the no trigger pick ups Thanks Simon

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Hi simon  you got a good one there

the g3 wiring comes with two shielded wires a grey and black inside these are two wires these are trig one and two as the manual or help file will show and use the trigger wiring earths not a block earth . im fairly sure the magna is opto/hall  and you will need to scope the triggers to get correct set up  ie rising edge.  email me if you still have issues

[email protected]

cheers ross

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Hi Jurgen, I have tried to wire in the triggers as you stated, but i am still not getting any trigger reference. The triggers are optical, and rising edge. The mitsubishi ecm gives a 5v reference to these triggers, but the link dose not do this (from the trigger connection out of the link) so will this set up still work or am i missing somthing in the set up? I am trying to comfirm if the triggers i have are in good working order, but they were brand new ones so they should be ok. I dont know if the guy working on this originally has set up somthing in the base map to stop this working if that is possible? Your advise would be very greatful Thanks Simon.

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You will need to connect the ECU to the PC and get the basic set up sorted.

You will need to configure all the outputs and inputs.

Triggering information will also have to be configured in the ECU.  For this application you will need to make sure the triggers are set to opto/hall

Assuming this is a V8 you will also need to make sure the trigger disk has a tooth for every TDC (8 teeth)

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