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Fuel calculation algorithm

Felix Kreysig

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Hi there,

I just installed a G4 PnP ECU to a 3SGTE powered MR2. I downloaded and compared the basemap with the ones supplied with the PCLink software and found the installed map to look rather messed up compared with fuel maps I am used to. So I wonder whether anyone can explain the algorithm which leads from master fuel timing via fuel map value to final injector opening time. That would ease fuel map calculations a lot.

I am currently using SARD 850 injectors with a master fuel modified ST205 map...

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This is the best thread I could find in relation to my question.

In the help file, it states that the Master is a value that the injector will spray when the cell at 100 kpa is equal to 100.

Master = 10, 2000 rpm 100kpa, 100 in cell = 10 ms of injection

Master = 10, 2000 rpm 100kpa, 70 in cell = 7 ms of injection

Master = 10, 2000 rpm 200kpa, 70 in cell = ??? Ms of injection

Only thing I can think of is that it would be equal to 14ms of injection. Is this the correct way of thinking?

Thanks Simon!

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