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Toyota 3sgte triggering setup??

Andy Taylor

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Hi, I'm installing a Link G3 to an MR2 Turbo (3sgte engine) and am finding the triggering very challenging. The triggers are located in the distributor and consist of 2 pickups (reluctors) and a 24 tooth wheel. Link configuration is:- Reluctors G1 & G2 connected as G1 to Trigger 1 G2 to Trigger 2 Link triggering config Trigger mode = Multitooth Synch location = Crank Multi-tooth location = cam Tooth count = 24 Ignition config Ignition mode = distributor Dwell edge = Falling (have tried rising but no difference) The link is seeing the trigger outputs and I'm getting a spark though it appears to only be 1/4 of the number you'd expect during cranking. I've tried changing the tooth count to 6 in an attempt to multiply the sparking by 4, this doen't appear to have done anything. Please could someone advise? If possible the configuration for 3sgte would be great! Kind regards Spannerman.

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Relucter sensors must be wired with the correct polarity.  the positive wire should be wired to the ECU.  the negative wire should be connected to the signal ground wire (not the screen) in the screened trigger cables.  Typically Toyota sensors use a cream/white wire that is common to all sensor negatives. 

Wiring should be:

  • 24 tooth pickup to Trigger 1
  • 1 tooth pickup to Trigger 2.

Trigger setup should be as follows:

  • Trigger mode Multi-tooth
  • Multi-tooth location: Cam (as the 24 tooth wheel turns at cam speed)
  • Tooth count: 24

  • Sync Location: Cam (as the sync pulse occurs once per cam revolution, not once per crank revolution)
Each trigger must be set to relucter, filter level 2.  Set arming thresholds appropriately.  If you find that the ECU is not seeing trigger signals at crank then you may need to reduce the arming voltages appropriately.

At this stage you should be able to crank the motor over and watch the runtime values under the triggers tab.  You should have Trig1 = YES, Trig2 = YES, Trigger errors not increasing (you may get one on the first revolution), and a stable RPM value that seems about right (150-200 RPM).

Ignition Setup:

  • Ignition Mode: Distributor
  • Dwell Edge: Rising (falling will burn out your igniter and coil if it is not a falling edge triggered type !!!).
After you have stable triggering then you need to perform a trigger calibration.  This is where you use a timing light to set the base ignition timing.  Once that is correct you are ready to try start the engine!!!

Hope that helps...

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Hi, I have configured the settings as specified above and am getting the same effect (only fires twice through 1 cycle of the engine, 2 * crank 1 * cam) Not 100% sure but i'm thinking the triggers wheels on the 3sgte are a (24 tooth & 4 tooth) The Link is seeing the trigger pulses (Green yes's on both triggers while cranking) just seems to fire half as much as it should. The trigger errors are incrementing every engine cycle. I've tried switching trig 1 & trig 2 on a hunch these where wrong and saw no change. In order to gain how often firing is occurring I have a timing light on the king lead, this eliminates the distributor. What conditions must be met to generate a trigger error? The link is clearly seeing something its not liking. I've thought about setting the tooth count to 4 as in theory this should generate 4 pulses per engine cycle and hence 4 ignition events. Please could you advise? Spannerman

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You must use the 24 tooth and 1 tooth sensors to get full resolution.  If it does not have a 1 tooth sensor then you must wire trigger 1 to the 4 tooth sensor and just run standard "1 Tooth per TDC" triggering.  Most 3S distributors have 24, 4 and 1 tooth pickups labelled something like NE, G1 and G2.  You will need to open your distributor and trace the wires back to the ECU to make sure they are wired to the correct sensors and with the correct polarity. 

A trigger error is generated when the ECU does not see a tooth when it expects.  ie one is missing or happens too often.

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On 2/4/2024 at 4:37 PM, DaltonConkey said:

So what is proper trigger configuration  and ignition settings? Rising or falling?

You are posting in the G2/G3 section, what engine and ecu do you have?  What problem are you trying to solve? 

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On 2/3/2024 at 7:37 PM, DaltonConkey said:

So what is proper trigger configuration  and ignition settings? Rising or falling?


If your using a TST185X like it says in your profile, you should load the 3SGTE sample map for the ST185x and use those trigger settings.  Given the OEM triggers are reluctors (sort of AC waves) you want falling for sure, but that's not even an option to select in the G4x/G5 software.  I don't know why someone stated above that and older ecu would want to use Rising with a reluctor...? I'm not familiar with anything pre-vipec.

*Every 3SGTE distributor* has 24 tooth NE pin for crank position/Trig 1 (position: at the cam) and 1 tooth Trig 2 sync (Cam Pulse 1x) with two separate sync pickups - G1 and G2 (redundant) and 360 crank degrees (180 cam degrees) apart.

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