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I am a bit desappointed by the support I can get with Link, I try to have a basic answer for some days now and have no answer from tec support, dealers are also embarassed to answer !

I would really like to try the Link if possible.

My next choice will be a Motec that can do everything you can imagine.




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Sorry about the slow responses it has been a very hectic time for us. Unfortunately we are not able to do all that you will require on that engine. We could do 2 of the 4 vanos cams and no e throttle.

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Thanks for your answer.

This engine will have a Precision Turbo 90mm throttle body + GM IAC and TPS. So I only have to find a solution concerning the second vanos.

What do you think about controling properly the intake cams for example and sending the signal in open loop mode to the exhaust cams ? Maybe this is a stupid idea as I don't know yet how it is exactly working.

The concern is that I now have to build a BMW, but I normaly play with chevy engines. And as your Link is perfect for chevy applications, I would really like to test it as soon as possible, and on this BMW if adaptable.




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FYI, controlling only 2 of 4 cams isn't a necessarily bad thing. In all of the setups I have seen thus far, when you are not controlling the cams (0% duty cycle to the solenoid) the cams sit at lockpin.


Now what is the advantage of advancing cams?

Exhaust Cam: EGR for better emissions, and there is an argument that you can get a little bit of faster turbo spool but from my experience it is negligable.

Intake Cam: Power! Especially midrange.


In summary controlling only 2 cams isn't necessarily a bad thing. I would leave the exhaust cams alone (no control) and just control the phasing of the intake cams. Or yes you can drop another $5k or so on a Motec and phase your exhaust cams during cruising to be nicer to the environment :) I personally would not.

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I have the same question, and I buy Xtreme pro ECU.

I think can do follow options:

VANOS: the mame output signal go to both valves in same intaque or exhaust cams. 1 output = 2 cams.

On e-throttle: the same like a VANOS the same signal go to both e-throttle electric engines.


I'm not sure if is a good solucion but I need to check.

If you have a start up map onli the engine start, can send me and do the same work in both cases.

Thanks a lot,

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I don't think it is a good solution. If you send the same signal to both cams (one wil run open loop), you may have one cam positioning or fluctuating with absolutely no control. Especialy if you are at steady state driving conditions.

I consider limiting the exhaust cam mouvement and switching the solenoïds ON / OFF at a given RPM only.


I will get a factory BMW ignition map from a professional tuner. Keep you informed.

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Everything was fine, we limited the torque to 520 ftlbs. That gives 500 DIN HP.

We still have troubles with IAC and ignition timing that not matchs the target map despite no correction mode engaged. Sometimes we cycle the timing at idle between 5 and 25° ...very strange.

Looks like there are some little bugs (or we did not found the correct tuning)  in the soft but nothing too anoying. Bosch IAT is also not giving us a correct signal, we had to deactivate it.


Here is the dyno video


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