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EGT 0-5 Volt wiring problems

Dora Wieland

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Hey there,

i have this egt:


And want to wire it to an anvolt channel. 

When i make the Bridge from Pin 3 to 10 with a 250ohm resistor and connect either 3 or 10 to the ECU i getnothing reliable.

When i go from Pin 3 to 250ohm to ECU and from ground (internal extension connector) to Pin 10 i only got 18 Volts.

The egt seems to work. When i Bridge 3 to 10 wirh 250ohm and measure with a Multimeter from 3 to 10 i get reasonable values...

So, how to wire this Thing Up? 


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When i measure from ground to 3 or 10 with a Multimeter i get only stable 0,03 to 0,04 Volt. But thatDoesnt change when the Sensor gets hot.

Mit makes no difference if the resistor is in or not when I measure from ground to a Pin.

The only Way to get reasonable values is when I put the resistor from 3 to 10 and measure with a Multimeter from 3 to 10. or any other ideas? 

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