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2zzge turbo AE82 Corolla Sedan


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This is a car I've been building on the weekends for the past year.

Standard compression 2zzge with a TD05-18G turbo, 6 speed and a whole bunch of custom parts.

Engine Spec:

  • 2zzge/6-speed from 2003 Corolla Runx
  • Kinugawa T2 flanged TD05-18G on a custom steampipe manifold with Tial MVS wastegate.
  • Bosch 525cc injectors with custom adapters in a modified standard fuel rail for a return system, turbosmart FPR800 and USDM JZA80 in-tank fuel pump
  • Modified plenum to accept a Bosch combo 3bar MAP/IAT sensor
  • Modified AE101 alloy radiator with twin SPAL slimline thermofans.
  • 3" exhaust with magnaflow mufflers
  • Link G4 Xtreme ECU


I got it running a couple of weeks ago and just have to finish off some of the smaller details before I take it to the dyno for it's initial run-up to see what it can do.  Will tune it first on the 0.5bar spring and then use boost control via the ECU to wind it up a bit.

Couple of pics:


And finally a video from when it was first running:

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I'll be tuning it myself using a Dyno Dynamics unit at Crossley Street and Race Engineering in Brisbane.

The long motor is standard so I'll be fairly conservative with it, but if I luck out and break some ringlands a new assembled short motor is under $2K AUD from toyota and then a set of mahle drop in forged pistons aren't much more :)

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  • 11 years later...

This one's still going, has have a couple of evolutions over the years in terms of setup.  Still on the original unopened 2zz, now with a G25-550, Voodoo Pro, DBW, R35 coils, AIM PDM32 with 10" dash etc.  Off to the dyno soon to see how the G25 compares to the last GTX2860
No photo description available.

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