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overrun fuelcut doesn't work after G4 upgrade


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Hi Gustaf.

I have had a look at your map and only have a couple of suggestions so far.  I note that you have ANVOLT10 & 11 both set to FP main!?  This FP (foot position) should not exist as a selection if there is no e-throttle present (which I am assuming is the case given e-throttle is set to off).  If you did have e-throttle, there certainly should never be 2 'FP main' selected.

Turn these to off, as it may play a part in the overun problem.  Also, I would highly recommend (very highly) downloading the latest PCLink (this is now  There are a few fixes in there that may be able to assist you with these things.  Download it... And the first thing you should do in PCLink is go to 'ECU Controls' and 'Firmware update' (with ECU plugged in of course).

Of course it is very easy for overun not to work if your TPS is not spanned correctly.  For example your TP/FP threshold is set to 1%.  If not spanned accurately, when the TPS is at it's closed position (backing off for overun to kick in), it may only be coming back to 2% for example.  Overun will not activate in this situation.

Here is a direct link to the download:


Let me know how you go if successfull or not.



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that's weird. I have the latest version installed and as you can see in the attached screen dump I don't have ANVOLT 10 or 11 available.

TPS is spanned correctly and if you look at the log file I sent you TPS goes down to 0.2% during decel.

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You have the latest PC link installed. But is the ECU running the latest firmware. If you go to the help file whilst on line with the ECU and then click on ECU information and check the Firmware revision.

This should be 4.5.1

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I have loaded your  file in to our test ECU. I can confirm that there is an issue with the virtual AUX 1. And we will work to find a solution for this shortly. In the mean time Virtual aux 2 and 3 are functioning correctly.

The overrun fuel cut is working on the bench fine on firmware version 4.6.9 (current release)

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