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G4 PnP for '99 Mazda Miata

Gregg Travis

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Hello all,

I would like to know if anyone has installed this system on a Miata? My engine tuner is a LINK distributor/tuner and he recommended this system for my DD project. He is sometimes difficult to get a hold of so can I safely assume the only change I will need to make at first is hooking up the MAP sensor or will I also have to wire in the 02 sensor?


Oh I almost forgot to ask how much this system is US?


Thanks and I look forward to gaining knowledge from this forum,


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Hi Gregg

We don't have a direct plugin to suit the 99 application we only cover the OBD1 cars up to about 96

Only option would be a wire in.

For pricing the nearest dealer will be the ones to talk with.

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Well I should have called them because Chris called me yesterday and was not happy with me but I told him I hate to waste his time because I know he is so busy. We just had a communication breakdown which I take full responsibilty for, sorry Chris. I have know Chris for a decade + and will continue to rely and count on his opinion and I always refer him and EL to others. Once I decide on which PnP ems I will use EL will be doing all my dyno tuning.


Sorry about my error everyone and once again my apology to Chris.


May I ask if LINK has plans for a OBDII PnP ecu for my application? Since my '99 Miata is my daily driver I cannot afford an extended downtime for a wire-in ecu. It has been quite sometime since I have stopped by EngineLogics to say hello so I plan to stop by this saturday and apologize to Chris in person and talk about other choices I may have.


Thanks for listening,


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