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G4+ Atom USB / CAN / OBD2


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Hi there, 

i'm quite new to the wire in ecu game, only running nistune in the past.

I have just bought a G4+ Atom and was wondering the best was to get an OBD2 signal out of it to an Android tablet?

would i wire in an OBD plug to the CAN signal outs? 

looking at the higher end ecus it seems the USB tuning cable is VIA the CAN plug on them, so was wondring if i could just use the USB mini cable direct to the tablet..


Any help would be great, thanks.



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Hi Sean

The CAN is on a separate plug on the Storm Xtreme etc.

The tuning port is for the USB tuning cable only this is like the mini USB on the Atom.

To get OBD you will need to run the CAN wires through to an OBD plug and then run a wifi or Bluetooth adapter.

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