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G4 Storm into Subaru 2.5L - Do I need igniter to run


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Hi there,

This is my first time using a Link management system with a Subaru. I've installed many Subaru engines into VW based cars, but have always used original, modified, harness and control systems. I'm trying to fire up this 2.5 Subaru in a street legal sandrail. ( tried to put a pic up, but the size allowed doesn't let me). With a G4 Storm system, with an attached Bussmann fuse and relay block.

I'm wondering if this thing is going to need an igniter, because it cranks but no start.

Also another thing is, when I hook up the fuel pump it keeps constantly running and absolutely flooding the system.

Any help will be very much appreciated. 

Thank youuu

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It will need igniters if the coils do not have them built in. Some Subaru coils do have an igniter others don't.

Are you running coil on plug or a wasted spark configuration with coil and leads?

How many pins on the coils?

You will need to make sure you have an Aux out configured to control the fuel pump. It should run for about 3 seconds at key on and then turn off.

However even if the fuel pump is running all the time it should not cause the engine to flood as the injectors should not be open when the engine is not running.





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Thanks so much Simon, I actually figured out it was the wiring. It was, what I think you're also referring to, the return ( - ) for the fuel pump which has to share a ground and then back to the fuse/relay block. Now it cycles how it should and the engine fires up and runs well. This specific engine, EJ25, doesn't need an igniter I guess...

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