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link v14 no spark on ig1

Randyl Illsley

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Hi, I have a link v14 090605 with the Hall/opto sub  board, i've got the ect wired up and have no sync/cylinder Errors, Have a good clean rpm signal on pclink. For cylinder pulse I have 4 per complete engine cycle and 1 sync pulse per complete engine cycle is this correct for the ecu configuration? Not sure what the dip Switches are for on the subboard or if they are correctly set. Anyway I'm having issues getting it started running seq inj and multicoil, found i'm not getting spark signal on ig1, everything else working perfect all other channels firing, injectors firing, sensors reading correct. A bit stuck now, if it's a damaged output, how much for you guys to cast your eyes over it and hopefully repair it?

many thanks




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ECU is geared for a tooth per TDC so 4 and 1 on a 4 cylinder will be correct.

Check Cylinder number is set to 4

If the other 3 cylinders are on the correct timing and #1 is missing then its likely a fault on that one channel.

Check to see if you have any pulse from the output if not then it is likely a issue with the hardware.


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