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PC Link display and locking


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Hi Guys,

Loving the new software however, now we can only see 3-4 tabs, so jumping from one to another which isn't in sight is a little annoying, i had around 10 or so to help with certain areas.

Also could there be a way to lock certin tables, i don't believe in locking the whole map but i would like to lock the odd table for saftey.

Many thanks and keep up the good work.

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Yes I had also to readjust and now click on the Layout dropdown menu at the top and choise with the mouse the right tab. I also work with the keys to go throuh pages. But with around 15 pages not easy. 

Passwort protection for just some maps would be great! Maybe a list where you can choose what Maps should be protected would do the job quite well. 

We must really allow to clear fault codes also when passwort protection is active.Because i often have to check loggs from my customers remoutly after they get the CEL light on. If everything looks ok, the must be able to clear the CEL without giving out the passwort.  I have alot of customers far away from my workshop. They can't make a huge travel just to reset the CEL. 

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Hi, thanks for the feedback. 

I will ask for the tab spacing at the top of the window to be increased (if possible). I'll also ask about the having the password protection customisable.

I've just checked on our latest PCLink and firmware and I'm able to clear the CE light with the ECU password protected. Can you give me a few more details on what happens when you try it?


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Hi 1320MINI,

No progress on seeing more tabs in the next version to be released. This is on the list, but I can't say when it will be done. While not a solution, using the '[' and ']' hot keys is a quick way to change the tabs.

I will put a request in to add the AEM MAP and wideband sensors to the pre-configured calibrations.


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