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Strategy switch by different map groups


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For racing ECU's it's common to use a strat switch that changes multiple settings at once.

The Link ECUs are now becoming so good with so many different settings and maps available that being able to group different settings seems like the natural next step.

I'm thinking a list of different settings and a dropdown to select which of the available maps to use for this specific Strategy setup.

You could e.g. have 3 different settings for Dry race, Qualification and Wet race.

Each strat option could then affect:

Fuel map, igniton map, rpm limit, boost map, traction map, throttle map (in case of DBW) etc.

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Good suggestion. 

Alot is already possible. I often span y axis with a 12-position turn switch. You can do also overlay tables for some position of the switch, if you are using virtual aux to activate. 

I was able to get very creativ and implement many different torque, boost curves etc. 

Anyway, full slot switch will get further freedom. As a example you can use rolling launch on on slot an lauch control on the other. 

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