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Ford Fiesta RS Turbo

Grant Baker

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Hi Guys,

Just fitting an ATOM G4+ onto a Ford Fiesta Turbo.

Looking at the Ford wiring diagrams there is something I've not seen before and wonder if anybody can shed any light on it:

The Crank Position Sensor (CPS) is wired to the Ignition Control Module (ICM) rather than the ECU...

There is an output from the ICM to the ECU which appears to be crank position waveform... Is it ok to use this output as the CPS input on the Atom?

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Hi Grant,

I've seen this on other vehicles before. If you have a scope you can look at the pattern of the sensor and the output of the ICM. It is possible that the ICM just passes the crank sensor signal straight through and in this case it would be fine to use the output of the ICM. However it is also possible that the ICM modifies the timing of the crank sensor signal, and this could be a problem. If possible I would recommend using the output of the sensor rather than the ICM.

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