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engine temp issue

Randyl Illsley

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Hi guys,

I've not long had my lpv14 serviced by you and you did an excellent job.. engine runs great now but I'm having an issue with cold starting as the minimum temp it's reading is around 46 degrees C even though the actual water temp is 20 degrees C.. it's using a ntc type sensor, which I have replaced with another type of ntc temp sensor (proper ecu type) but no change. Any ideas? Also reads way out when hot.. around 130 degrees when actual is 80.



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Check the grounds for the sensor are 100% and check the temp sensor setting is on NTC which you have done.

If you have the two wire bosch style temp sender then this should be ok.

Only other factor would be the sensor ground for the ECU if this was not good it would effect all sensors.


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