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Multi Point Group Injection

Grant Baker

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We have always done cars with sequential before, but on this particular application there is no cam trigger, so we are running the car as "multi pint group" Injection mode.

I'm unsure from the help files as to which injection rate to use - 1/2 or 1 Engine cycle?

It's a 4cyl Turbo car with fairly small injectors, 36-1 crank trigger, one injector per cylinder, wired one injector per output on an Atom.

Can anybody give any advice?

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Thank you Simon - extremely helpful as ever.

It would be great to put that information in the help file...

Here's another one for you...

If you are starting with a "map" from scratch - ie you have no base file - how would you recommend setting the Master Fuel Number?

We tend to guess it and just go low, then increase it until the engine fires... But surely there is a more scientific way?

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Nope that is bang on how I would be doing it.

You soon get a feel for the master VS injector size.

Even if you are a bit rich just be ready to pull or add fuel as required by moving the master around once the engine is running.

You can of course use the modelled mode and then it takes the engine and injector size into the equation and if those details are correct the fuel should be close. 


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