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Link G4 Evo 4


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Hi guys, I have a link G4 ecu in my evo 4? Two questions


1- is there a lot of work turning on and setting up anti-lag and launch control

2- I got the ecu mapped, now after 1minute of idling the engine is relatively cold (normal temp) and the exhaust manifold is extremely hot, when driving a rally stage the heat from the turbo down pipe is melting the inter cooler pipe in front of it with heat



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1. Anti lag is a decent amount of work to get set up and tuned to suit drivers preference. Launch is not so bad.

2. Is that with Lag off? If lag is off that would indicate far to retarded timing at idle. If lag is on and active you have ignition retard happening then after a minute of anti lag things will be getting very hot.


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you don't need to worry about confrontation.

Just ring the guy and voice your concern in a manner that does not indicate laying blame on him.

For example just a state you noticed that the engine seems to be excessively hot and it has melted the intercooler pipes do you know what could be happening.

Would you mind having a look at it for me please.

Or PM some one on here or the LINK tech support tem for help.

I can remote log into your ECU check your PCL file and test for you.

If it is indeed a tune issue it wont take long to resolve.



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