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Engine temperature (Dashboard)


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If its a simple PWM signal that has the duty cycle varied not the frequency then yes it can be done with the G4 and onwards units.

Ideally if you had a sample of the signal through the temp range we could confirm.


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This is what I have tested 8 years ago using a Link G3,

17Hz is high temp (Max)

18-19 Hz is 3/4 high

20-23 Hz = middle = target

23-30 Hz steps to minimum temp.


This is what another person has tested,

Just got some readings from the ECU output after setting the temp input on the ECU with a POT. Readings have been verified with OBD.


Temp C* -> Hz

54 -> 31.14 (second white bar)

59 -> 29.68

64 -> 28.35

70 -> 26.9

76 -> 25.6

82 -> 24.3

87 -> 23.5

91 -> 22.8

111 -> 20.25

119 -> 18.8 (second to last)

124 -> 18.4 (last white bar)


132 -> 17.6 (First Red)

142 -> 16.68 (Second Red)


82* is exactly at the 3 o'clock position

76* is just under

it appears somewhere over 115 is the cut over point to go above 3 o'clock


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The upcoming release has a frequency table. The frequency minimum step is 2 Hz, and some of the data you have presented has changes of less than this. However the frequency will interpolate when between cells. Here is how you would set it up:



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