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Any way to run a TPS when all AN inputs are used?

Ken Dunkley

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Hi- Im using an Atom G4+  with Map - Fuel pressure and a A/F meter on the AN inputs . Is there any way I can run a TPS . My belief is it will give me better accel enrichment response at throttle tip in ? Is this right ? At the moment at light initial throttle opening I ( only sometimes ) get a slight stumble . Will a TPS cure this or should the tip in response with a Map sensor only be able to be tuned perfectly ? Also I want to wire in a Stepper IAC valve - Will this help with cold start idle on a big block V8 with 90mm throttle body ? Which is a good one to use ? thanks - Ken .

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The Atom is not able to control a stepper for idle control at most it can do a ISC solenoid 2 or 3 wire.

With all AN volts used there is no way to bring in the TPS.

TPS is a critical signal and I would be looking at getting it wired in even if it means loosing another input.


It might be time to look at upgrading to the G4+ Storm black as for a V8 applications is a superb value option allowing 8 channels of fuel and ignition and stepper control and many more inputs.

A loom is the same so no need to fully rewire just add on the extras.


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Hi- Simon .  Ok one more question then - Does the ecu need a fuel pressure input to run modelled fuel ? Have I fitted a fuel pressure sensor mistakenly on that belief ? Will it run fine with just the base fuel pressure set and input into the ecu and the then spare AN input can be used for the tps ? Thanks Ken .

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Hi Ken,

Modelled fuel equation does not need a fuel pressure sensor to work. Most installs probably don't use a fuel pressure sensor as they can be pricey sensors. However having one wired to the ECU allows the ECU to correct for changes in fuel pressure. 

Another option, depending on whether you already have your O2 sensor, is to use a wideband O2 amplifier that is capable of supplying data to the ECU over the CAN bus.

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