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Newly wired switch killing engine.


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Hi All,

I'm in the process of wiring up a couple of switches. One is going to be for two different boost levels i.e. switching between different wastegate duty tables. The other is going to be for two different fuel and ignition tables i.e. one for 98 and one for E85, atleast that's the plan as I don't want to run a Flex fuel setup.

Anyway I've wired one of the switches up today to DI9 with the other terminal of the switch wired to a 12v positive which comes on with ignition.  I've configured it as a toggle switch. It's function is currently turned to off in the software however when I turn the switch on it kills the engine and it wont restart until I flick the switch back to the off position.

Is this normal for a switch that's wired but not configured?

ECU is a V88 on a 2006 WRX STI

Thanks in advance





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Hi Simon,


Thanks for the reply. I've double checked the wiring and its definitely wired up to the correct pin. DI9 (pin C31)

If I assign a function to the switch on DI9  such as dual table activation for boost control the switch does as expected. I can see it making the second table active and the first table inactive in the software with the ECU connected to the laptop.

When there is a function assigned the engine doesn't cut. It's only if there is no function assigned or the switch is set to off that the engine kill happens.



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Hi Scott,

Providing it has functions assigned to it as a GP input then it works as intended and engine runs. If it's configured as a GP input but has no functions assigned to it then when ever its switched on the engine immediately dies.

Interestingly I've configured Di10 this morning in exactly the same way using the same 12v  source that comes on with ignition and that appears to be functioning perfectly normal with no engine kill.





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Hi Darren,

From your base-map I think you have a V10 WRX plug-in ECU? On these DI9 is allocated to the neutral switch of the gearbox. I can't see why this would kill the engine.

It is possible this is a firmware fault, but as V-series ECU development finished sometime ago it is unlikely this will be fixed. Thanks for letting us know all the same.



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