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fuel pump problem r33 gtst plugin vipec


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hi i have a vipec plugin in my r33 skyline havent driven it in a while went to start it and fuel pump wont prime its not getting a trigger off ecu but when i put a test light on the ecu pin it wil turn on the pump any ideas when i put standard ecu in it will prime fuel pump can i try using aux 2 for fuel pump instead

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The ECU will only prime the pump at the point it powers up.

It could be the ECU has a back feed and is not turning off when the key is turned off.

This will cause the pump to not prime but it will run once you crank the engine.

Other one would be the ECU is not powering up at all.

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yeah it seems ecu is not powering off for some reason as it primes when i disconnect battery and reconnect it primes what pins should i test for power that should have power when ignition i*s off


also setting dwell for ls1 coils do i just set min and max parameters or do i have to adjust the whole dwell table

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With the ignition switch off no pins on the ECU should have power.

For the dwell table you ideally want to fill in as much as possible. I just did a quick google for 'LS1 coil dwell time' and had quite a few answers. Maybe someone on here who has used LS1 coils will be able to share their dwell table.

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