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Toyota 36-2-2-2 Dvvt

Tarmizi Ramly

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Hi all, 

I need help for trigger setup. This car run small 1.3L eng, K3-ve 1.5L 3SZ-ve.

Trigger wheel patern is 36-2-2-2

Cam is 3 tooth reluctor type.

I use Atom Ecu before and just change to Extreme ecu laat few days. I ran Suzuki swift VTC trigger before but  can't run ignition last time. I only can ran G4+ ecu for Injection now. Other function still control by OEM ECU. I am failed to run ignition by g4+ ecu.

I hope anyone will help. Best regard

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Hi Tarmizi, 

Just incase anybody reads this and needs help in the future. Currently you are going to try and use the 'Subaru EJ20 Quad AVCS' trigger pattern. If this is successful you will then try and use the Toyota 2NZ or Toyota 2GR VVT modes. Please let us know how you get on.

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Hi everyone.

I just try Suzuki Swift VTC trigger type on this. 

I ran OEM ecu with g4+ tapped on trigger wire to monitor correct trigger. Suzuki swift VTC trigger wheel is same & RPM reading is.matched. 2nd step I done is control injection with g4+ ecu while ignition is control by OEM ecu & its perfect. 

I will run ignition by g4+ ecu next few days & will update here then. 


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Hello.. Im running a 3sz engine with oem ecu and tapon atom x and using subaru trigger setup.. But my 2nd cylinder is missfire in low rpm.. It went well when above 3k rpm.. Any solution for that? I use link atom 2 before and using the same trigger setup just fine before i change to atom x.. Hope u guys have a solution for that.. Tq. 

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