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Afr wideband problem


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Have a inovative lc2 wideband. Wired into aux input on ecu. Was playing around with fuel mapping and can richen the Afr right down to 6-7 but cannot lean out anymore than 11 Afr. Even thoh the number is still going up in cell the Afr will not go leaner. Yes I calibrated outside of exhaust before hand.  

Also what is the colour code meaning of each cell 

Any help Cheers 

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hi scott

Yes the values in the table. I havnt been watching that, just actual to target afr.

Here is my map


coupland suzuki 1600 sport.pcl

This is actually it sorry, first one I got given, then made into this one where it idles good. went down to river left boat on trailer to tune and can not run any leaner than 11.

m16a jetboat 2.pclr

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I would need to see a PCLog of the changes being made to see what is happening. Try adjusting the master fuel number and watch the AFR and effective inj pw. When the effective inj pw decreases the AFR should go more lean.

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I did notice that there were places it picked up a reading but thought that could have been the signal floating.

Certainly need to get the input stable to know what happening.



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all I have done is wired in lc-2 wideband controller brown wire to my aux input, pos and neg straight off battery. selected lc-1 on my aux channel, performed free air calibration. and ran engine. i have a cable that can connect controller to laptop to change settings. would i have to do that as the link only has lc-1?

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The calibration in the Link firmware for the LC-1 is as follows:

  • 0.00v = 0.500 Lambda (7.35 AFR petrol)
  • 5.00v = 1.523 Lambda (22.39 AFR petrol)

According to the LC-2 manual the default calibration of output 1 (yellow) is the same. You said you are using the brown wire output. Try switching to the yellow wire.

I would consider changing the way you have the LC-2 wired up. According to the LC-2 manual they recommend using an ignition switched relay for +ve, and grounding the LC-2 at the same point as the device you are feeding the data to. So for you that would be using one of the ECU's ground wire grounds at the block.

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