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HAYABUSA gear position sensor


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Hmmm, I misunderstood 'GPS' above. 

Here is some info from 'EngineeringDave' that will be helpful.

there is a 1K 5 volt pullup on the red wire inside the ecu so with the bike not in a gear there is 5v on the red wire, when you start putting it in gear you get a different voltage for each gear

Black is ground, blue is the neutral wire, you send a ground signal to the blue wire while in neutral.

So it sounds to me like you want to connect the red wire to an AN Volt channel. Set the AN Volt channel to 'Voltage 0-5V', then go through the gears, writing down the voltage for each gear (you can see the voltage in the runtime values window). Now change the AN Volt channel Function to 'Gear Position Sensor'. Now head down to ECU Settings > Chassis and Body > Gear Detection, set the Mode to 'Analog Position Sensor' and fill in the settings based upon the information you wrote down earlier.


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No, I cant see how any of the explanations above would have worked without an external pull-up resistor (since the original suzuki ECU had one internally).

You will need to add your own 1kohm pull-up resistor to 5V like below.




This will give you roughly:


  1. =1.79V
  2. =2.02V (I cant quite read the value of the 2nd resistor, 680 or 820?)
  3. =3.00V
  4. =3.64V
  5. =4.36V
  6. =4.69V
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