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Fuel pump control


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I want to use fuel pump controller from Audi RS4  p/n 8E0906071A(B)  with Link G4+ (PlugIn Evo 9) to drive the Deatschwerks DW300 fuel pump. As I know the Audi RS4 engine control unit sends inappropriate PWM signal (frequency 20 Hz) to the fuel pump control unit. The control unit sends a PWM control signal (frequency 20 kHz) to the fuel pump, this info from car specific manual. So, if I set three stage PWM speed control option (80Hz 33/66/100% DC) and then set up FP Speed (Auxiliary Output) at 20 Hz (same like audi controller input signal), what the value shut be output from Link ECU 80Hz at 100% duty or 20Hz?

May be someone has an experience with similar application or just use a simple control by resistor?

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So the ECU sends a 20Hz signal to the fuel pump controller. Does it then control it by altering duty cycle? If yes then I would assign the aux output as 'GP PWM' with a constant frequency of 20 Hz, and then use the 3D 'Aux X GP PWM DC' table to control the duty cycle based upon whatever condition you decide. Perhaps engine speed and injector duty cycle.

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