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CAN lead

MR2 700bhp

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Hi Jon

I would recommend the 'CANF' connector.


You then solder your braided CAN H and CAN L wires onto this and connect to the DASH 2 Pro wiring. The good thing about it doing it this way is the serial pins of the ECUs communication port are not connected to (this can cause problems.

Here is the ECUs communication port pinout:


Comm port.PNG

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Hi Scott,

Many thanks for your reply.

Can I not use a cable (CANDASH) ? How much are they?. including shipping to the UK? Do you have any stockists  in the UK?

Also, how do i order parts as i cannot add any products to my basket?

Many thanks 


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You could use the CANDASH cable but as Scott mentioned this does have connection to the serial pins so will cause issue for PC coms if dash is plugged in.

We have a branch in the UK so for cost and availability best to contact them directly.

Currently we are down one member of the team with a replacement in a weeks time so response might be a bit more delayed.

Email [email protected]

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