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Start-up map Volvo B230 engine with turbo


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I need some kind of start-up map that works for a Volvo B23/B230 turbo engine. Only need a start-up/basic map for the engine so that I can have someone to help me with tuning the engine.

I hade an old G1 ecu, the car is running on ethanol (E85) and I live in Sweden.

Picture on the ECU:


Thanks in advance

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First thing you are going to need to confir is that the ECU has been configured for the application.

In this case it will need a a opto/hall type cam and or crank sensor with a tooth per TDC and a single sync (not needed if distributor ignition)


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Ok, I also have some problem with the coldstart, how much is normal to enrich the cold start when running E85 after gotten the regular tune fine?

The car is impossible to start when cold without using help from start gas och brake cleaner in the manifold first and even then its hard, bur when the engine is warm it starts like a charm.

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