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G4 wiring

Ivaylo Angelov

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 I'm owner of a 2nd hand Link G4 Xtreme (red) but the ecu wiring harness is cut. Now, I want to extend the cables to suit my current needs. Please, could you provide me the with the cables cross section (mm2) of the original wiring harness? I actually can see the remaining cables thickness but I'm not proficient in that matter, so I can't guess it by looking only.

...and another question please. How bad would be if my 4bar (black) MAP sensor is mounted directly on the inlet manifold? I can make good thermal insulation and some vibration dampening (rubber washers) in between. At the moment, the sensor is attached 10mm away from the manifold on two welded 10x10mm blocks, i.e. like this:


Endless thanks in advance!


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The cable is 0.5mm AVSS.

How you have the MAP currently would be fine they are a potted unit so will be fine attached to the intake.

There is some very nice fabrication in that engine bay!

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I'm sorry but I have to ask few more questions because I can't find the answers in the G4 manual. I'm doing the wiring right now so please, would you answer on these:

1. My Trig.1 sensor is 3 pin VR sensor. Its cable is 20cm long only and ends in 3pin connector. One of the pins is cable's shield. So, I'll use 3pin female connector and I'll run (continue) with a shielded cable up to the G4 connector. Here, one of the cables is to be connected to TRIG1, the second - to SENSOR GND(green) and the shield - to SHIELD/GND(green), not to the SENSOR GND!? Or it doesn't matter since they are the same cable inside the G4?  The same is for all shielded cables(I mean the shield connection). Is that correct? 

2. My TRIG2 sensor is a 12V HALL one. Do I need to use shielded cable for it? 

3. I couldn't find information whether the knock sensors should be wired in with shielded cables or not? My sensors are BOSCH 0 261 231 006 with just 2 pin male EV1 connector built in. 

4. My Link 4bar MAP sensor has 3 cables (cut). I guess the green cable (pin4) is the Sensor GND. The red/blue one (pin 7) is +5V, and the white one  (pin 5) is the  output signal. Can you confirm that?


Thank you!

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1. The shield and sensor ground pins are connected internally in the ECU, so you can use either.

2. We recommend using shielded cable for a hall or reluctor signal.

3. Yes, use shielded cable with knock sensor wiring. You can use the shield wire for the knock sensor ground also if required.

4. Yes you are correct. Also see PCLink Help > Wiring Information > Input Signal Wiring > Analog Inputs > Map Sensors > Specific MAP Applications > Link MAP Sensors



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