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Mazda BP C.A.S


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Im in the process of wiring up a g4+ Storm into my 1800 MX5. Could anyone shed any light on their cam angle sensors? In PCLink it only talks about wiring 3 wire CAS but mine appears to be a 4 wire.

Also, if you run out of sensor earths is it ok to attach multiple sensors in parallel to a single sensor earth? 



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The car is a 1994 so it runs a BP seriers engine. The wires to the plug are black w/green trace, white w/red trace (is a thicker wire so assuming power feed), white no trace, and yellow w/blue trace. 

I asked around my Mazda buddies and it sounds like it acts as a cam and crank angle sensor by having two different toothed wheels attached to the cam. Any idea on how I could test this and also work out the wiring? 

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Another question, I am also running a Race Technologies logger dash and want to wire a switch in to tell the dash when to begin logging. Do i wire the switch to the Link which will then tell the dash to start logging? Also do i use a momentary or toggle switch?

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And another, I can't get a new CAS plug so I'm planning on cutting the old one off with about 30cm of the factory loom still attached and soldering in the Link loom. Can you guys recommend a way to continue the insulation from the Link loom onto the factory wiring or will that not be required? Also, the exposed wire that in the shield wires, I take it it there to provide the shielding against interference and doesn't need to be attached to anything? 

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For the dash logging I would expect this will need to be wired to the dash directly assuming it supports it. Spec of the switch will have to be from them.

No easy way best you can do is nice tidy joins and if there is a factory screen connect this to ours.


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Finally getting my stuff together and finishing the wiring. 
So just to confirm,

the mx5 wiring is 
1,Yellow W/ Blue  Cam Angle
2,White                 Crank Angle
3,White W/Red     12V
4,Black W/green   Earth

So the Link wiring would be
1, Trig 1 Black
2, Trig 2 Red
3, 12v feed
4, Sensor earth (white wires in heatshrink with protected trigger sensor wires)

Also how do I know what is trigger 1 and 2 or does this get configured in PCLink?

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Normally trigger 1 comes from the crank angle, and trigger 2 comes from the cam angle. Your G4+ Storm has a function called TriggerScope, this is able to give a visual representation of what is happening on the trigger 1 and 2 pins (like an oscilloscope). Normally we would expect to see 4 teeth on trigger 1 and 2 teeth on trigger 2.

You can access TriggerScope off the ECU Controls menu in PCLink.

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