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2006 WRX STI AC problem


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There are a couple of possibilities. The most likely is that the ECU is not powering up. When powered up there should be an LED on on the top board of the ECU.

The first thing to try is putting the jumpers on the bottom board of the ECU is the different positions:

V10 jumpers.PNG

The next thing to check is that you have the correct WRX V10 ECU, as there are two versions, and the year guidelines are not always correct:

V10 pins.PNG


V10 pinout.PNG

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Note on the jumpers there is no harm in trying them in the alternative position. As it is possible that a 2007 year car might need the jumpers in the 2006 position or vice versa.

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Now ecu works, im chance jumper to 07 mode but next problem is A/C. When I press the button to the bottom of the air conditioning so nothing happens. All the wires coming from the right place. (AC clutch and AC request). Help me!


Car is 2006 wrx sti and automatic A/C system

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Check the input to the ECU pin is changing with the button press.

We need to know if it is at say 12Volts while AC button is off and the goes to 0Volts when on.

It could also be the opposite way around.

Once we get the request working the next step is making sure the output functions.



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