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No spark on cranking!


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Hi all,
The problem “ no spark on cranking”
We have wired up a G4 Atom serial no: 16469 PCB Rev 1.1 to run a Hillman Avenger BRM ( 2L inline four on Weber twin 48s) in a wasted spark setup, ignition only with Beru ZSE 043 coil packs. We have wired up the coil packs and have tested both channels successfully - good  spark.
Trigger 1 is set up as a reluctor sensor with a 36-1 wheel. The sensor has been tested and appears to be working. On the “Runtime Values” window Triggers/Limits, Trigger 1 Status is green and “yes” on cranking but no engine rpm showing. The TDC offset should be close to correct, but are unable to calculate this with no spark available. There are no fault codes showing. Is a throttle pot required or of any benefit?
We are new to the engine management side of things and have probably missed something simple. Any advice with regards to where we could start looking would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

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Make sure you have gone into trigger 2 settings and selected the Sync Mode to None.

Also make sure there is no engine kill function active. (Hold power, Over voltage, Dual ECU, Anti Theft, Engine stop)


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