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Need an experienced tuner willing to pay


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Hey guys guys installed a gtx35r in my subbie I have tried to learn as much as I can with this software hoping I could tune my car myself unfortunately after learning a ton I am throwing in the towel.  There is just too much for me to learn to try and mess with something like this.

I would feel comfortable playing with a base map that was based off my setup.  But I don't feel comfortable basically making a map from scratch.  I know I can use the stock one for a base but it seems a long way from the setup I am running. 


So I am looking for someone that can help tune or e-tune my car.  Willing to pay I just want someone that knows exactly what they are doing. Feel free to pm me here.




I guess I should add it's a ej20k with a gtx3582 working with 94 octane pump gas.

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I should also add that no one uses these ecu's around here so this is why I am reaching out here... I have no idea where to go to get my car tuned there is one place kind of near me I won't mention but I don't want to go there for my own reasons.


The car is running it has a wideband i can send logs etc it's boosting at 15 psi (spring pressure) which is fine for me. I just need someone to tune the fuel and timing so the car runs and turbo spools like it's been tuned by someone who knows the platform.

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