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Rev limiter issue


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Hi link team,

I have g4+ ecu for 3sgte 3rd gen, distributor type ign. currently the car is not hitting rev limiter even i set it to 6000 - 6500 - 7000 - rpm.

when i connect stock ecu it hits limiter.

I have connected the clutch switch for anti lag. Is it trigger related issue ?

Please advise 




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Hi RH9,

Can you send your pcl file to me [email protected]. I think you may have some sort of threshold in the antilag setup. But your trigger for this engine is multi tooth missing. Should be 36 missing 2 teeth. for your trig one setup. But I do not think that is the issue. As it would not really rev very well if it was a trigger issue.

Let me know and I will help as best as I can.



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The car doesnt seem to log the gears properly. 

It is not even hitting the rev limiter even on the base map.

RICH - you have an email

Ducie - You are right i am seeing very high Injector duty cycles 

Ill try to select ign cut to see if the limiter comes back on.

It feels so bad when you are in the middle of tuning process and you find a parameter not working.

But it adds to the experience .

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On the base file the gear detection is unlikely to be set up.

Main thing is to make sure you have a driven and non-driven speed source assigned in the chassis and body section (they can be the same source)

Then work through the calibration process for the gears.


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Hi RH 9

Attached is a screen shot of your map with your log open. You will see the limit is being activated and you have a fuel cut happening up to a max of 80%

Note this is likely to sound very different to the factory limiter but it will still stop the engine revving any higher.

You can see in the log it is holding the RPM





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