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FIC 1450cc injectors setting up with 3sgte st205 help


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hello to all link forum members i need some help regarding setting up my fic 1450 low impedance fuel injectors in the application toyota 3sgte st205 with link g4+
i do not have the injector data because i found these injectors used ones i need injector dead time table and the short pulse adder table to run the car properly. i already have the injector resistor pack for low impedance injector.

 any help will be highly appreciated .

thank you all in advance

attached the injector picture below .


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If its on to a plugin it will need a ballast (resistor pack)

This will effect dead times

do you mean 3sgte oem resistor pack wont work ? do i need another one ? if yes then which one ?

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The ballast resistor value required will depend on the impedance of the injectors. Here is the guidance from PCLink help:


okay got it thanks 
can you please tell me what ohms resistor pack does oem st205 has ?because i was using my stock resistor pack with these injectors
my FIC 1450cc injectors are 2.2 ohms any help ?
and what about short pulse adder data and dead times table ?
currently i am just unable to use my injectors so i had to switched to oem injectors.

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I'm unsure what the resistance of the OEM ST205 ballast pack is, probably easiest to measure it with a multi-meter.

Without the deadtime and short pulse width data there is no 'correct' solution. If it were me and I couldn't find the data I would try and determine the approx deadtime values and enter this. You could do this by using the 'Adv Test Inj 1' injector test function of the ECU. Reduce the Test Inj PW until you see the injector no longer spray. To do this for the different voltages you will need an adjustable power supply unit. While the results from this will not be super accurate, they will be better than nothing.

I would put 0.0 everywhere in the short pw table.

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ST205/gen3 3sgte balast resistor pack should be just fine as the OEM injectors are around 4.5 ohm.

FIC dead time table AKA injector voltage offset:

@39psi 2.7 bar

8V  3.86ms

10V  2.11ms

12V  1.52ms

14V  1.18ms

16V  0,96ms

@43.5 psi 3.0 bar

8v  4.39ms

10V  2.36ms

12V  1.65ms

14V  1.28ms

16V  1.04ms


short puls with values would be nice but not necessary to run these injectors

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