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3uzfe vvti boat application


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Hi everyone, need some advise. I'm currently installing 2x 3uzfe vvti engine to my boat. The standard ecu have immobilizer system which hard to crack. So my next choice is to run stand alone ecu.Beside i can keep the wiring to the minimum. I'm not going to use drive by wire so is it ok to use atom or storm for it?. i dont mind to use 1 ignition output to drive 2 coil but can i transfer the vvti map for the extreme ecu to either atom or storm?. I need the vvti base map cause i can't dyno the boat but i can tune the afr and ignition but not the vvti. I need to keep the cost low cause i have to buy two ecu to run both engine for my fishing boat. Thank you in advance for all your help.

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Hi Shark,

If you are not going to run the VVT or e-throttle and are happy to run wasted spark and group fuel then the Atom will do the job for you. Be sure that the Atom also has sufficient inputs and outputs for things like fuel pump, engine fans, idle solenoid, TPS, MAP, ECT, IAT, etc. If you need more inputs and outputs then the G4+ Storm black is the better ECU to use.

If you have an existing base-map for the 3UZFE with VVT, you can turn the VVT off in the base-map and retune the fuel and ignition to suit.


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