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BMW e34 link ecu

James c

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Hi.  I'm looking into turboing my e34 BMW m50 engine and was wondering weather anyone knows if the link plug n play e36 ecu for the m50 would plug straight in and run the e34.  I know the engines are the same but im unsure if the loom/ pin outs  are the same.  ?? This would obviously make everything a lot easier. 

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55 minutes ago, Korch said:

e36 and e34 both use 413 bosch, why would the pin outs be different?

There are at least 6 common DME's for the E36 - M1.7, M3.1, M3.3.1, M5.2, MS41.1 or MS50.1, all have different pinouts.  I dont have a lot of documentation for the E34.  So you need to be a bit more specific than just "E36 & E34 both use 413 (413 is a M3.3.1)".  If you are talking about both with the M50TU engine then yes I would expect them both to use the same M3.3.1.

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