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Need feed back on which Link to buy

Anthony Parle

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Hi I am looking at a new Link and see that the Extreme is the top of the line but the Thunder seems to have features that are more suited to me.  Its for a car that races on track

I have a Subaru flat 6 cylinder and also want to go with individual throttle bodies.

Interested in some advise

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The G4+ Thunder seems like it is going to be your choice. Extreme does not offer dual E-throttle control. The Extreme does not have a 3 axis accelerometer. The thunder has many more Aux inputs and outputs to start. It just has all around more of everything! If using on the track and want full control or the decision to expand to more sensors down the road. I recommend the Thunder in your particular situation.

Distributed, wasted spark, coil per plug, Boost Control (open or closed loop) , Cam control, 1, 2 or 4 cams, O2 feedback, Pressures, Temperatures,Transmission requirements, Logging requirements Traction etc. 

These are just some examples of what it does. Lots of amazing features. 


Rich RDE


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Hi Grant,

I am based in Griffith NSW Australia, I have a Link G4  but was convinced by my tunner to buy Autronic SM4, which I have now sold unused so I could speclise on Link.  Have a number of projects that need ECU's and want to stick with one brand.

Have Engine dyno I built for engine development.

Subaru SVX race car NA 3.3l chasing 400 hp,

Two Subaru F1 motors which are a flat 12 cylinder.

A Subaru open wheeler which we are building a fuel injected EA 81 engine with CI heads, it has a EA71 (1.6L) in it now.

As well as a couple of other projects down the track.


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Anthony get one a hold of one of the dealers in your area. I am sure they would be willing to work with you and help with some development. I am a true believer in the Link platform and have been starting to R&D jumpers here in the US for all kinds of platforms. 

Awesome project by the way!!! Very exciting stuff. Good luck.

- Rich RDE

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