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I have an IQ3 wired up to my dash, everything works except for the speed. I have tried getting advice from the Racpak forum, but no help.

CAN setting: Data Rate = 1MBPS, Channel = ID1000, Transmit Rate = 20Hz.

My speed is under Speed (DI #3) on the ecu, but EFI Speed in DataLink just displays 0

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The Racepak IQ3 V-net module uses our  'Generic Dash' CAN stream. On the G4 ECUs this contains Speed 1, Speed 2, Speed 3, and Speed 4. Looking at the Racepak documentation doesn't tell me which 'Speed' it uses. Possibly the dash is looking at the wrong one. Try moving your ECU speed input from DI 3 to DI 1, and then on to DI 2 and then DI 4. Each time changing the DI settings to match. 


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