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Im looking at running a vq35hr standalone in a track car.

I saw you posted you have done 1 in a boat with cable TBs.

Can you give me some more info on this, ie which ecu, do you have a wiring diagram to use the oem sensors, base tunes etc?

Im happy to convert to cable and whatever else is required etc.

Generally anything that will give me confidence using your ecu for this conversion.


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When Simon mentioned we did one in a boat he will be referring to one of our dealers, as we only do work on our development vehicles. I will ask him to come on here and comment.

If you want to use the dual e-throttle bodies then you will need to use our G4+ Thunder ECU. The wiring of the e-throttles will be pretty normal (see PCLink help diagrams).

If you want to swap to cable throttle bodies then you could use our G4+ Storm, Fury, or Xtreme ECU.

Here is a link to the factory service manual. Page 98 onwards will be useful.



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